384 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003

384 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003

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Share Your SOUL with Alex

All about Alex

How Jera Faced Her Fears and Reached Her Goal

"Failing, though absolutely painful within the moment, holds so much opportunity for growth and improvement."

Share Your SOUL with Ariel

NYC instructor ARIEL PADILLA reveals his go-to mantra, his spirit animal, his guilty pleasure and more...

Margaux Huff Got Cancer at 30 – Here’s How She’s Helping Other Women Heal

At age 30, MARGAUX HUFF felt a lump in her breast that changed her perspective on life. Before she even finished chemotherapy, she found a way to help other women battling breast cancer. Now, she shares why she’s gr...

Why I Ride in a Sports Bra Post-Mastectomy

LISA AMOS was always an athlete, but at 49, she went up against her biggest opponent yet: Cancer. She shares how SoulCycle helped her manage the stress of worrying about whether her cancer would return and why she rocks ...

Rachel Loebs' Rustic North Carolina Wedding

RACHEL LOEBS met her now-husband when they were seniors at UNC Greensboro. She shares his playful proposal, her wedding planning tips and her favorite moment from the big day...

The Truth About Food Dye

Keep the neon in the studio, folks. While we all love to Instagram our multicolored bagels and tie dye cupcakes, what happens when we consume all that dye? Tovita Nutrition pros Molly Rieger and Leah Silberman talked to ...

Rider Report: Gail Simmons

When she’s not on camera judging Top Chef, GAIL SIMMONS can be found tapping it back and prepping for her new Food Network show, Star Plates, where celebrities cook alongside their favorite chefs. Befor...

Can You Really Get High on Sweat?

We’ve all felt it — that euphoria you get after clipping in. But what’s happening in your body when you feel high on sweat? Can that post-SOUL glow have lasting effects on your health? We talked to ...

Why You Should Take a Friendmoon

SOUL Instructor CHARLEE ATKINS and rockstar MERIDITH MILLER know a thing or two about friendship. When they’re not tapping it back together, they’re writing for their blog, Le Sweat, and traveli...