Start Your Journey

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The Experience

SoulCycle is way more than a workout,
it's a sanctuary.

A safe space to ride through whatever you're facing, celebrate your accomplishments, and sweat it all out on the bike. Emerge feeling stronger, like the best version of yourself-because moving your body changes your soul.

The Class

Your time to clip in, connect and let go.
In a dim, candlelit room led by inspiring instructors, you surrender to the beat of the music and get lost in the energy of the room. You move, you ride, and you push towards the finish line - together.

The Instructors

The pulse of SoulCycle.
Our unique talent steps onto the podium with their magnetic energy to motivate, challenge and inspire you to go deeper— for 45 minutes and beyond.

The Riders

Our inclusive community welcomes and embraces every soul, always.

They thrive on connection—pushing each other through every climb and high-fiving each other after every sprint.