It’s time to move the world.

We move people to move the world—and the world we live in today needs a massive shift. High sea levels, rising temperature, and landfills that keep piling up—we must start somewhere. We have continuously taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint, but there’s always more that can be done.

Our commitment to carbon neutrality. 

SoulCycle is leading the fitness community on the path towards climate neutrality. Through our partnership with the nonprofit Climate Neutral, we are working to measure and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by investing in energy efficiency, materials, green packaging, waste reduction, and transportation across the entire business. We are committed to reaching carbon neutral status by 2024.

Check out the wheels in motion below:

SoulCycle X Boxed Water™

As we continue our pledge towards sustainability, we have partnered up with Boxed Water™ to provide our studios with the best eco-conscious water available. Boxed Water™ utilizes plant-based packaging that is 100% recyclable and ensures that all of its paper and water is responsibly sourced from local water sources and well-managed forests. Boxed Water™ has also committed to preserving the planet through their “You Post. We Plant” campaign which promises to plant two trees for every social media post with #BetterPlanet. Together, we can move the world to protect the planet and sip sustainably. 


Most clothes that enter the supply chain end up in landfills. On average, each American throws away 81 lbs of textiles every year. This amounts to 26 billion pounds of textile waste in the United States alone.

Less than 1% of material used to produce clothing is recycled into new clothing. So we have partnered with UNIFI to start our recycling effort and reduce our carbon footprint one step at a time. 

Soul(re)Cycle: Our recycling effort to reduce our carbon footprint one step at a time. 

*Available soon at participating studios*


How it works:

 1. You buy SoulCycle socks.

 2. Use them to your soul’s content.

 3. Then you bring them back to us. 

Then we send them to our partners at UNIFI, to be added to a pool of recyclables from other leading sustainable brands. Here, everything (including your socks), gets recycled into new SoulCycle socks and numerous other clothing items to be sold at other leading brands partnered with UNIFI.

And for your donation of used socks, you get a 15% discount at the Soul Shop. 

Talk about things completing a cycle.

SOUL Green Capsule Collection

Shop our first-ever sustainable capsule collection. Made with 100% recycled post industrial cotton and dyed with an airbrush treatment that uses 5 times less water than traditional dye processes. Even the graphics are printed using organic water based inks, completely free of PVC resin or plasticizer.

Shop the SOUL Green Collection

SOUL Green Journey

We believe that in saving our world, no step is insignificant. 

Check out the steps we have taken and our plan for the near future.


  • Switched to 100% organic cotton Lola tampons with cardboard applicator + casing.

  • Switched to non-aerosol shoe deodorizer spray. 

  • Removed plastic sweat bags in all studios. 


  • Digitized check-in and removed paper sign-in sheets. 

  • Removed single-use plastic razors and shaving cream. 

  • Removed single use Q-tips. 

  • Partnered with Flow Water—eliminating our single-use plastic water bottles.

  • Switched to aluminum-free, non-aerosol Curie deodorant.


  • Launched partnership with nonprofit Climate Neutral—committing to reach carbon neutrality by 2024.

  • Tested our first Soul by SoulCycle sets in recycled materials.

  • Introduced sustainable craft paper mailers for all ecommerce packaging.

  • Launched our first recycled-cotton lifestyle collection. 

  • Launched Soul(re)Cycle with UNIFI. 

  • Switched to sulfate-free, sustainable Davines bathroom amenities.


  • Work closely with Climate Neutral to identify hot spots in our carbon footprint across studios and in our retail and implement reduction strategies. 

  • Begin to transition our Soul by SoulCycle activewear and lifestyle to recycled materials with the goal of 100% transition by 2023.

  • Switch all polybags to be made from compostable materials. 

  • Partner with Circle Sportswear to work towards a more circular supply chain. 

  • Transition to a recycled in-studio silver shopper.

SoulCycle on the go

SoulCycle on the go

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