What is SuperSoul?

Think of SuperSoul as your all-access pass to SoulCycle — a concierge service that books you into your favorite classes up to six weeks before regular booking opens. Whether it's snagging the bike you love or (finally) getting into that 9:30am you've been dying to take, our SuperSoul team has you covered. Plus! You'll get priority status on all waitlists, VIP access to new classes, invitations to exclusive events, special offers, and more. Let’s ride!

Please note: SuperSoul isn't a membership program. Its privileges can only be honored with an active SuperSoul series of classes.

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  • Trammell Logan Sr. Instructor


    “I just wanted to say that I've been so impressed with the SuperSoul service this year. The work you and your team do is amazing and it's an important part of my week connecting with you guys. The service is top notch.”

    Sarah NYC

  • Akin Akman Master Instructor


    “I'm truly appreciative and honestly, I'm in awe. You treat your customers so incredibly well. Thank you!”

    Cooper BURBS

  • Conor Kelly Master Instructor


    “I expect you all were the ones keeping tabs on my number of rides, so I just wanted to say thank you… I am just so grateful to be riding in a room where I again love the music and the ride all of the time. I very much appreciate it!”

    Nicole BSTN

  • Emma Zaks Master Instructor


    “You guys seriously are the best and most attentive service of anyone and any company on the planet!”

    Rebecca DC

  • Stacey Griffith Sr. Master Instructor


    “Wow, I am incredibly touched... Thank you for making my week start off so over the top. Love you Soul.”

    David NORCAL

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry, we got you. Here are some questions we're often asked about SuperSoul — answered!