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Rittenhouse Square      Favorite Rittenhouse Square

113 South 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

113 South 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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Studio News

Meet the Inspiring High Schooler Whose SOUL Bond Is Magic

Philadelphia rider CASSANDRA STECKER formed a special bond with instructor DENITA, and is now chasing major new goals on the bike. Read her inspiring story, ahead.

Why Nick Turk Is Going Sugar-Free This September

Philadelphia instructor NICK TURK has a major challenge for the month of September: cut out all added sugar for 30 days. Read on to learn more.

Meet the Grad Student Rider With the Best Pre-Exam Ritual

Meet the Philly grad student whose pre-exam ritual gets an A+ in our book.

How One Rider Embraced the Army of Love After Heartbreak

After breaking off an engagement, Pennsylvania rider ERIN KISSLING turned to the Army of Love for support. Read on to see how SOUL helped her embrace herself.

Share Your SOUL with Yael

All about Yael

Artist Alic Daniel Shares The Inspiration Behind The New Rittenhouse Square Studio Mural

Tapping it back at #RHSQ.

Check Out Rittenhouse Square's New Playlist

We’re riding into Rittenhouse Square this week! Before the cardio party starts in Philly, the new studio’s instructors created a playlist of their favorite songs. Check out the beats from ALEXIS ROSE, BRYANT, NICK T...

Meal Prep Diaries: Alexis Rose Artis

Her kitchen mantra: Just do it!

This Mantra Could Change Your Life Like It Transformed Bryant's

Instructor BRYANT REAMS shares the mantra that inspired him to chart a new course and change his life…

Margaux Huff Got Cancer at 30 – Here’s How She’s Helping Other Women Heal

At age 30, MARGAUX HUFF felt a lump in her breast that changed her perspective on life. Before she even finished chemotherapy, she found a way to help other women battling breast cancer. Now, she shares why she’s gr...


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