111 West Wacker
Chicago, IL 60601

111 West Wacker
Chicago, IL 60601

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Climbing 19,341 feet to the top.

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This Rider Found the Connection, Community and Inspiration He Was Missing

“To anyone going through a weight loss transformation or has in the past, SOUL is definitely the place to get connected,” says Chicago rider RODNEY THILL, who’s dropped an amazing 130 pounds. Here’s his story…

A Simple Smoothie Bowl Recipe You'll Love

Whether for a quick breakfast or a post-SOUL snack, nothing beats a smoothie bowl. Chicago instructor NAZ SANDERS shares one of her favorite recipes...

21 Questions with LK

Chicago instructor LK opens up about her secret talent, her favorite song and her favorite spot for pizza in the Windy City

Margaux Huff Got Cancer at 30 – Here’s How She’s Helping Other Women Heal

At age 30, MARGAUX HUFF felt a lump in her breast that changed her perspective on life. Before she even finished chemotherapy, she found a way to help other women battling breast cancer. Now, she shares why she’s gr...

Why I Ride in a Sports Bra Post-Mastectomy

LISA AMOS was always an athlete, but at 49, she went up against her biggest opponent yet: Cancer. She shares how SoulCycle helped her manage the stress of worrying about whether her cancer would return and why she rocks ...

Acne Might Help Prevent WHAT?

You buy one cream to fight acne and another to prevent wrinkles. But what if the very presence of acne could combat signs of aging? This isn’t science fiction, folks; a new study from King’s College in London found ...