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Soul Early FAQS

What’s Soul Early?

Soul Early is an optional scheduling feature that lets you reserve your bike early—starting on Sunday at noon instead of Monday—for a fee of $15 per bike.

Is Soul Early available at all SoulCycle studios?

As of now, Soul Early is only available at our US studios, excluding the Hamptons.

Is Soul Early a class or a series of classes?

Soul Early is not a class or a series of classes, and does not allow you to take classes. It’s a scheduling feature that is separate and apart from buying your class(es). Soul Early only lets you book your bike early and cannot be used toward a class or series of classes.

Is Soul Early a membership?

Not at all. Soul Early is an optional scheduling feature you can choose to use whenever you want to breathe easy, and beat the Monday rush. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.

How does it work?

Starting Sunday at noon, use the Soulcycle app to check the schedule to find the exact studio, instructor, and bike you want. Reserve it with your normal class series, plus one Soul Early booking. Now get ready to sweat! Soul is on your schedule—a full 24 hours early.

Do I need to purchase Soul Early bookings to take or book a class?

No. You do not need to purchase Soul Early bookings in order to book a class or series of classes.

How can I earn Soul Early bookings for free?

Riders in the US who book and take 15 paid rides or more during one calendar month will receive three (3) complimentary Soul Early bookings for use in the following calendar month. SoulCycle will place the three (3) Soul Early bookings into your account during the first week of the subsequent calendar month. Only classes you book and take under your account will count toward your eligibility to receive the three (3) complimentary Soul Early bookings. Most classes will count as one ride toward your total, but a SoulChallenge class will count as two rides.

Are the Soul Early bookings I earn usable in all studios?

The three (3) complimentary Soul Early bookings are only usable in select studio locations for select SoulCycle classes. Soul Early bookings are not available for use in our Hamptons studios.

How do I redeem the Soul Early bookings I earn?

You can redeem the three (3) complimentary Soul Early bookings when you book select classes in the SoulCycle iOS app or by contacting us at

Do the Soul Early bookings I earn expire?

Yes—so be sure to use them! The (3) complimentary Soul Early bookings your earn must be used within thirty (30) days from the date they were placed in your account. Any unused booking(s) will expire on that date.

Can I transfer the Soul Early bookings I earn to other riders?

Unfortunately, no.

Is my purchase of Soul Early returnable or refundable?

The Soul Early $15 fee is separate from whatever you pay for your class(es) and will not be returned or refunded—even if you cancel your class. You may be refunded if a class is cancelled by SoulCycle or in the event of an instructor change.

Is SuperSoul different than Soul Early?

Yes! SuperSoul is SoulCycle’s concierge booking service. Our team will personally book you up to 6 weeks before classes open, giving you first access to your preferred schedule and bikes. With SuperSoul, you’ll also receive priority on waitlists, and the team will handle any special requests you may have. SuperSoul bookings may be cancelled at any time without penalty. If you are interested in purchasing a SuperSoul package, please contact our team at

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