We’ve partnered with Magic Mind, a company that offers a mental performance shot that gives you a sharper mind and calmer energy, to create a signature 528 Hz SoulCycle class experience with music from OPENSTATE_.  

From Fri May 17 - Sun May 19, all studios will have complimentary samples of Magic Mind shots.

528 Hz music stimulates alpha waves in the brain, creating a state of wakeful relaxation and increased creativity, focus, and mood. The neuro-enhancing properties of OPENSTATE_528Hz music perfectly complements the physical intensity and community-driven energy of SoulCycle that strengthens the ride’s impact.

Magic Mind for All Riders

Book a SoulCycle X Magic Mind ride this weekend at our TRI, BURG, CSTR, WEHO or COGA studios and receive a Magic Mind 3-pack. 


Fri, May 17 @ 8:30AM w/ Janet

Sat, May 18 @ 11:45AM w/ Andrew

Sun, May 19 @ 11:45AM w/ Amanda G.


Fri, May 17 @ 8AM w/ Roxy

Sat, May 18 @ 11:15PM w/ Eve

Sun, May 19 @ 11AM w/ Junior


Fri, May 17 @ 8:30AM w/ Joey D.

Sat, May 18 @ 10:45AM w/ Raul

Sun, May 19 @ 8:30AM w/ Keenan


Fri, May 17 @ 5PM w/ Lo

Sat, May 18 @11:45AM w/ Castle

Sun, May 19 @ 11: 45AM w/ Chris P. 


Fri, May 17 @ 8AM w/ Kamelle

Sat, May 18 @ 8:30AM w/ Casey

Sun, May 19 @ 8:30AM w/ Devin 

SoulCycle x OPENSTATE_

Magic Mind founder James Beshara, the musician behind OPENSTATE_, collaborated with SoulCycle Senior Master instructor Melanie Griffith on vocals, to produce “Love What U See” a SoulCycle inspired track available on Fri, May 17.

Ready to feel the magic? Use code SOUL30 off your next order from Magic Mind.*

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SoulCycle on the go

SoulCycle on the go

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