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SoulCycle Marathon Training Program // New Runners

Marathon Training Program powered by Project Sweat Run Club

The marathon training journey can be both mentally and physically challenging. We’ve designed a 16-week training program that combines running and riding to help condition your body through endurance cross-training and strengthen your mind through our supportive community, personal coaching, and high-energy playlists.

New Runners
Indoor cycling can help build foundational stamina and endurance. Classes are strategically placed on Wednesdays, before a longer run, and on Sundays, following your long run. Adopting a run/walk strategy will allow you to increase time on your feet progressively and safely. For example, 7:00 minute run followed by a 3:30 minute walk. 

STC | Marathon Training Program - New Runners

As you progress through this journey, prioritize listening to your body. Getting adequate sleep and focusing on recovery by fueling, hydrating, stretching, and foam rolling is crucial. To reduce risk of injury, incorporate strength workouts once every two weeks to get stronger on and off the road. 

See you on the road and in the saddle.

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