Replay your ride with SoulBeat.

As you ride, SoulBeat tracks how you connect with the music and how much power you generate. After class, you’ll get a recap in your SoulCycle app.

A few of the features you can look forward to:

Beat Match shows how in sync you were with the rhythm.

Power is how much force you’re using to pedal. The more resistance you add, the more power you’ll generate.

Cadence is how fast you pedal—we measure it in revolutions per minute (RPM).

Distance will show how far you rode in class.

You can find one of your top songs from class in the recap—make it your anthem for the rest of the day!

The best part? SoulBeat isn’t a scoreboard. It’s a celebration of the hard work you put in on the bike, and the progress you make over time.

Our instructors’ reco on how to use SoulBeat: Start by focusing on your Beat Match. Once you’re happy with it, turn up your resistance to increase your power, while still maintaining your Beat Match score.

Be the first to try it.

You can experience SoulBeat in our NYC, NorCal, and London studios! Just be sure to download the latest SoulCycle iOS app, then check your app about 15 minutes after class to see your recap.

Get notified automatically: If you have push notifications on, you’ll receive one after class when your recap is ready. To turn on push notifications, go to the account settings page in your SoulCycle app.


How does SoulBeat calculate my data?

Every bike participating in SoulBeat has a discreet power meter on the crank. This meter will capture a power and cadence measurement within 2% accuracy!

How can I increase my power number?

There are three ways to increase your power wattage: add more resistance, increase your cadence, or both. While you increase your average power, try to also keep your Beat Match high.

How do we calculate Beat Match?

To calculate Beat Match, we compare a rider’s cadence to a target, “on-beat” cadence throughout the class.

The “on-beat” cadence is calculated by an algorithm that analyzes the cadence of every rider in the room to determine the most “on-beat” rider at every moment throughout the class. We’ve analyzed bike and music data from hundreds of classes to fine-tune the algorithm.

The arms section, pushes, and isolations are excluded from the Beat Match calculation. However, if your instructor includes pushes during the arm section, we’ll include those in your power and cadence calculations.

Can I turn off SoulBeat?

Yes. To deactivate SoulBeat from your rider account, reach out to your local studio or contact us at

What if I have more questions or feedback about my SoulBeat data?

\We’re here to help! Let us know if you have any questions so that we can continue to improve SoulBeat for every rider.

SoulCycle on the go

SoulCycle on the go

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