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Laurie’s Guided Workout

Laurie’s Guided Workout

Floor movement + cardio.

Join Founding Senior Master Instructor Laurie Cole for an off-the-bike floor movement class inspired by her SoulCycle Annex class “The Link.” It infuses moves to enhance mobility and agility with a burst of cardio throughout the session. Through deep breathing exercises, she starts and ends with enhancing the lungs’ natural ability to heal. Plus, she leaves plenty of room to adapt for level or injuries. With Laurie’s motivating playlist—full of her current faves for equipment-free floor movement—get ready to shift any stagnant energy from your body. 

Get Laurie’s playlist here—and follow the instructions below to master every move.


Song 1

laurie cole 1

Place your feet hip-distance apart. With interlaced fingers, inhale for 10 seconds, hold your breath for 10 seconds, then exhale for 10 seconds and release your arms. Repeat this series three times to open and strengthen your lungs. Keep your feet in the same position as you go into hip circles—rotating in each direction until you feel loose and open.

Jumping jacks

Song 2 

laurie cole 2

Alternate your arms moving overhead, then forward with each jump. Do these jumping jacks for 30 seconds, then take 10 seconds to march in place. For deeper cardio, jog in place with alternating high knees for as long as your body allows.

Squat pulses

Song 3

laurie cole 3

With your knees aligned over your toes, pulse in a wide squat. Reach your arms out to a cross, then back into the body with a shoulder-blade squeeze. If you need a break, you can march in place. 

Leg pulses

Song 4

laurie cole 5

Come to your hands and knees, one vertebrae at a time until you reach a neutral spine. Bring each knee to your chest, then pulse your leg out straight at hip height. Do this for 8 counts, 3 times on each side. Feeling brave? Do straight leg pulses.

Abs series

Song 5

laurie cole 5

Come on to your back flat, with knees up at a 90 degree angle. Without moving them, bring your arms to  alternate in between and outside your knees. Do this for as many as you can handle.

The second move is ‘bicycle legs’: Interlace your hands behind your head, and bring each leg to the opposite elbow.


Song 6

laurie cole 6

Come to your hands and knees on the ground. With a 2lb weight (or a can of soup or bottled water), bring your arm straight up, lift above your hip, then lower down to the ground. Then, take this move into pulses above your hip. Once done, go into downward dog and peddle your feet.

Arms series

Song 7

laurie cole 7

Come up to a standing position, with feet hip-distance apart. Using your weights, bring arms shoulder height, at a 90-degree angle. Face your palms toward each other, then extend above the head. You can double up to the beat to increase intensity. From there, move to single and double punches (into an imaginary punching bag).

Breathwork/jog in place

Song 8 

laurie cole 8

Go back to where we began with the 10/10/10 breathwork. To reground your body and breathing, add a deep squat with each breath. When the chorus kicks in, march or jog in place for as long as you can.


Song 9 

laurie cole 9

Lay on the ground or sit comfortably against a wall to track your breath and listen to your heart. Allow for whatever comes up to be valid.

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