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How we're raising our voices for the Black community.

Our voices are our power: We plan to use our platform to amplify our BIPOC voices & share resources for our community to learn and take action. There is so much work to be done in the fight for racial and social justice—because Black lives matter.

As we raise our voices, we ask you to join in. It’s never been more important. And we’re louder as a pack.

As we listen and learn, we'll be updating the information & resources on this page on an ongoing basis.

Celebrate & support your community at the SoulCycle Live: Pride & Progress event on Wednesday, July 8.

During the event, we’re proud to launch The Voices of SoulCycle: Our new discussion series—co-curated & led by our Queer and BIPOC instructors. Joined by guest panelists who will add their insights into each topic, they’ll share experiences and perspectives about intersectionality and community impact.

Register for the event here.

Our Commitment

We’re committing to use our platform to amplify the BIPOC voices in our organization to effect change in our world, in our community, and in our organization. We need to hold ourselves accountable for this change—and this is just the beginning of the work we intend to do.

We’re increasing and improving Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion practices within our organization in partnership with our BIPOC staff, instructors, and HQ employees, on an ongoing basis. This includes: 

  • Compiling a never-complete list of resources for protesting safely, donating, supporting Black artists, organizations, & businesses, having conversations with families and children, and voting, to name a few.

  • Expanding Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion resources and training for our hiring, recruitment, promotion, and employee development practices—building upon the work D&I expert Dr. Tony Byers began with our leadership, HQ, and Studio Manager teams last October. 

  • Giving our BIPOC & Queer Employee Resource Groups our platform for ongoing internal dialogues to make their voices and experiences heard. 

  • Continuing our multi-year collaboration with The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change as part of the organization’s Council of Advocates—guided by their vast library of resources on Dr. King’s values and the Civil Rights movement. 

We’re using our platform to rally a community that has stood for equality, inclusion, love, and acceptance for 14 years. To start, this includes:

  • Launching new forums for conversation, led by our Black instructors. More information about these dialogues will be coming soon.

  • Giving our riders resources to learn, speak up, and take action. Find these below to start making your voice heard. 

  • On June 11 & 12, we hosted an all-day, live-streamed charity event, started and led by our Black instructors—where every dollar raised was donated directly to organizations of their choice. You can find the recap and instructor-curated playlist here.

We know better than anyone else that we have so much work to do. We’ve just begun listening and intend to continue, so let us know what you expect.

Make Your Impact

Listen close.

Take time to learn about racial injustice against Black Americans, and privilege’s role in it. Continuing to learn and taking action are necessary to effect change. 

The King Center is a great place to start. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center For Nonviolent Social Change, Inc. is dedicated to educating the world on the life, legacy, and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., inspiring new generations to carry forward his unfinished work, strengthen causes, and empower change-makers who are continuing his efforts today. 

Speak up & take thoughtful action.

Donate however you can. Whether it’s time, resources, or funds, see how you can reach out to those in need right now. A few organizations we recommend are below, and you can donate to the organizations our instructors have selected here.

The King Center. Help Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream live on, and move forward.

ACLU. Help protect voting rights, demand that vulnerable people in prisons, jails, and immigration detention centers be released, and fight to ensure reproductive health care remains open and accessible to all who need it.

Communities United for Police Reform. An unprecedented campaign to end discriminatory policing practices in New York, and to build a lasting movement that promotes public safety and reduces reliance on policing.

Protest. Research how to safely protest, including what to bring, what to expect, and knowing your rights.

Vote. If you’re not registered to vote already, you can easily do that here. If you are, you can find voter & election resources here.

Have your own conversations. The more we talk about it, the more we normalize how wrong it is. Look into productive ways you can talk to your family, friends, and kids about racism and social injustice. 

Continue to do the work.

In that room, on that bike—and as of recently, even off the bike—we’ve seen what SoulCycle can do, and we have unwavering faith in its power. But that power comes from its people. When we find ourselves in unimaginable circumstance after unimaginable circumstance, the heart of our instructors and staff is what keeps us going. Our intention is to welcome them back when we reopen—including those placed on furlough—and give them our platform to continue to move the world.

We’ve built a space that practices and preaches love, inclusion, and acceptance—but know there is hard work to be done to continue to do better. We will be updating this page consistently. Please let us know what you expect from us or share additional resources here.

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