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A Guided Run from Karyn

Ready to run?? Master instructor Karyn has created this SoulCycle inspired running program to help you stay safe and healthy while the studios are closed. Simply listen to the playlist below and follow the directions provided.

1. Bitter Sweet Symphony: Warm up Jog (go at your own pace)
2. Goons: Jog to beat entire song (MJ)
3. Who’s That Chick?: MJ/RUN 1 min. SJ for 45s. RUN 30s at drop. SJ 45s. RUN 30s. SJ 30s. SPRINT 30s. SJ/MJ to end of song.
4. Go Berserk: Jog to beat. RUN at drop end at SPRINT pace 1 min. Bounce/SJ- back to beat. SPRINT 20s. Finish on beat.
5. Satisfy: SJ 1 min. SPRINT 45s. Recover (walk/bounce/SJ). SPRINT 1 min.
6. Creator: Recovery jog (at your own pace)
7. Bulls On Parade: MJ/RUN on beat entire song. Push pace last 45s of song.
8. Smack My Bitch Up: SJ to MJ first 1:45. RUN 30s -> SPRINT 20s. Recover (bounce/SJ). MJ to build speed. SPRINT 1 min. SJ to end.
9. Guilty Party: Jog at your on pace.
10. Melatonin: Jog to beat entire song. Lengthen stride last minute. 11. The World At Large: walk it off.

Walk (self explanatory)
Bounce: a slow ass jog
SJ: a slow jog (an easy pace you can hold)
MJ: Moderate paced Jog (pushing pace a little more)
RUN: fast enough that you can’t maintain for an extended period of time)
SPRINT: all out effort. Fast as you can. *All of the Runs/Sprints go with a clear beat drop in music*

SoulCycle on the go

SoulCycle on the go

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