Get lost in the beat and discover what you stand for. 

What is your Soul story in 140 characters or less?

OG rider turned instructor, I am always encouraging my riders to be themselves unapologetically through fun music and fierce vulnerability

Describe your class to give your riders a sense of what to expect.

My class feels like you're riding to a DJ set -one fluid experience that's high energy, all about the music, & lots of pushes along the way.

How do you motivate riders to push themselves?

I make sure my riders are so lost in the music, the push comes naturally!

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What's your Soul Story?

Sydney is a Master Instructor at SoulCycle and has been rocking the podium since 2012. She loves electronic dance music with an energizing beat and leads challenging, evolving workouts. Sydney is also a certified mat pilates instructor, and motivates her pack through an athletic journey focused on helping riders live their best lives. Follow her on Instagram @sydmiller!

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SoulCycle on the go

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