Elise Yeager

Elise Yeager

"Always stay humble and kind."

For Elise, the idea of “following your dreams” has no limits. Her journey with SoulCycle began in her senior year of high school, where her experience as a rider opened her eyes to seeing and believing in the most authentic, energetic, and kind-loving human she was always meant to be. After spending the last two years living her dream as an art student at The University of Michigan, she knew that there was also another dream she had been destined of achieving - to become a Soulcycle Instructor. She encourages her riders to love themselves, find strength in hard work, and find the courage and confidence to also go after their own dreams - while most importantly, having as much fun as humanly possible.

Favorite Artist

Quinn XCII

Go-To Karaoke Song

Sweet Caroline

Celebrity Who Embodies your Inner Rockstar


Soul Destination

Amalfi Coast

Favorite Dance Move on the Bike

Around the world

Guilty Pleasure

Mint chocolate chip ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Period.

Upcoming Classes

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Wednesday Oct 27 - 8:30 AM


Ann Arbor - Vaccine Required
Wednesday Oct 27 - 6:45 PM


Ann Arbor - Vaccine Required
Wednesday Nov 03 - 8:30 AM


Ann Arbor - Vaccine Required

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