Eric C.
Don’t think about it, trust it. You’re meant to move!

Favorite Artist

Mumford, Ke$ha, Weezy, Drake!

Go-To Karaoke Song

I Want It That Way—Backstreet Boys

Celebrity Who Embodies your Inner Rockstar

Uncle Jesse From Full House

Soul Destination


Favorite Dance Move on the Bike

Swaggy Shoulders

Guilty Pleasure

Last minute vacations

Upcoming Classes

Mon 4/15 - 5:30 PM
Mon 4/15 - 6:30 PM
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What's your Soul Story?

Eric C. was born in NJ, but raised in the western suburbs of Chicago. College is where he found his passion for group fitness, which led him to a career in teaching and coaching full time. Eric brings his latin fire of energy, power, and inspiration! His goal is that you have fun, get inspired, and walk out feeling like you can conquer anything. Music and rhythm is a big passion of his—so give yourself permission to feel, dance, and let go on the bike.

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