Let's Get Rowdy!

Favorite Artist

The lovechild between Drake, Elton John, and Green Day

Go-To Karaoke Song

Love Shack

Celebrity Who Embodies your Inner Rockstar

Robin Williams

Soul Destination


Favorite Dance Move on the Bike

Double Tap Back

Guilty Pleasure

Rhymes with shmiced shmoffee from Bunkin Bonuts, Shree Cream, Shree Caramel

Upcoming Classes

Mon 6/24 - 5:30 PM
Financial District
Wed 6/26 - 5:30 PM
Financial District
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What's your Soul Story?

Jimmy's class is a collision course of athletics and art. Growing up on the football field and the basketball court, Jimmy has an undying love for competition, fitness, and pushing limits. As an actor, his love for storytelling, music, and performance dares his class to have fun. You won't find obstacles in his class—only opportunities.

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