What you seek, is seeking you.

Favorite Artist

Tame Impala

Go-To Karaoke Song

No Hands - Waka Flocka Flame

Celebrity Who Embodies your Inner Rockstar

Rihanna Circa 2014

Soul Destination

Paris then Tokyo

Favorite Dance Move on the Bike

Side Bodyroll

Guilty Pleasure

Overnight delivery

Upcoming Classes

Sat 5/18 - 9:30 AM
Sat 5/18 - 10:45 AM
Sun 5/19 - 10:45 AM
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Outside the Studio

Shaynna's playlist

What's your Soul Story?

Shaynna found refuge from the corporate vacuum the minute she clipped in to her first class. With previous teaching experience, she knew her heart belonged leading the pack at SOUL. Her goal is to motivate and empower riders to be true to themselves and their journey - but staying hungry for progress! Shaynna encourages riders to carry the strength, energy, and inspiration they manifest on the bike, into everyday life. Her sense of humor and infectious smile creates an atmosphere of freedom, inclusivity and FUN!

SoulCycle on the go

SoulCycle on the go

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