Jamie A.
There will never be a time in your life where believing in anyone other than yourself will be the right answer.

Favorite Artist

Lil Wayne

Go-To Karaoke Song

Shoop - Salt N Peppa

Celebrity Who Embodies your Inner Rockstar


Soul Destination

On a boat

Favorite Dance Move on the Bike

Da Superman!

Guilty Pleasure

Binge watching Gossip Girl

Upcoming Classes

Sun 2/05 - 4:15 PM
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What's your Soul Story?

Jamie is a born and raised SoCal girl who brings the party everywhere she goes. A former SoulCycle rider for several years, Jamie finds that teaching on the bike feels like second nature. As a University of Michigan D1 All-American Soccer player, Jamie uses her athleticism and motivation in her class, bringing a challenging, fast, and dynamic workout. While her class pushes you to your absolute limits, there is no doubt that it will feel like a huge dance party on the bike from start to finish!

SoulCycle on the go

SoulCycle on the go

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