Music I'm loving now

"Let thoust freak flag fly. There's only one you."

Somewhere in the middle of a tap-back body-roll, Valentine realized teaching at Soul was exactly the life shake-up she’d been looking for. Her background in comedy means you’re never in for a snooze, and her teaching style is inclusive and approachable. She encourages riders to grow by pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, laughing along the way, and leaving class feeling like a better version of themselves. Her music generally has lyrics, and you should probably sing them if you know them. Loudly. You can find her on Instagram @valenteenyb!

Favorite Artist

Sometimes it's Beyoncé, sometimes it's Rage Against the Machine

Go-To Karaoke Song


Celebrity Who Embodies your Inner Rockstar

Tracee Ellis Ross

Soul Destination


Favorite Dance Move on the Bike

Crunch 'n Clap

Guilty Pleasure


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Tuesday Feb 01 - 8:30 AM


West 77th Street - Vaccine Required
Tuesday Feb 01 - 10:15 AM

Soul30 - Vaccine Required

Chelsea - Studio Stream - Vaccine Required

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