The Laundress Le Labo Signature Detergent - Rose 31, 16 fl. oz

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The Laundress searched high and low for a luxury perfume to pair with their laundry products. The Laundress and Le Labo united to blend the finest of modern perfumery (Le Labo’s Rose 31 fragrance) with the best-performing Signature Detergent formula. The resulting product single-handedly refines the art of laundry. Highly concentrated—up to 32 washes.

31 ingredients create a scent designed to be both feminine and masculine.

How to use:

Effective in all water temperatures. We recommend washing whites, light colors, and heavily soiled cotton or linen items in hot water. Wash darks, colors, and synthetic items in warm or cold water.


Plant-derived Anionic and Nonionic Surfactants, Stain-fighting and Cleaning Enzymes (Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase), Mineral-derived Cleaning Enhancers (Sodium Gluconate, and Calcium Chloride), Essential Oils, and Fragrance.

Nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free.

Color and texture may vary with natural ingredients.

Free of petroleum, phosphate, phthalates, and artificial color.

Cruelty-free. No animal by-products.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If ingested, seek medical advice.

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