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the SOULCYCLE bike

Engineered, designed and produced exclusively by SoulCycle, the SOULCYCLE bike is crafted to match our unique cycling method, delivering a smooth intense workout and allowing riders of all levels an incredible ride.


This innovative frame design marries the highest quality ED coated carbon steel construction with an elegant design, finished in SoulCylcle's iconic yellow.


Our dual binding pedals (Look Delta & SPD) are the most advanced, high performance pedals used on any indoor cycle in the market.


The SOULCYCLE bike is the first indoor bicycle to use a split seat, eliminating pressure and allowing for a more comfortable ride.


Our custom weight holders were designed and positioned on the bike to perfectly compliment the SoulCycle® workout.


The resistance knob is custom designed to remind you of Soul every time you turn it up!


Dimensions*: 22.5 "w x 47"l x 40.5"h
Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)
Color: SoulCycle Yellow
*Handlebars and seat in lowest position.

What's Incuded

the SOULCYCLE bike
1 + 2 lb Weights
Look Delta Bike Clips


(not including tax and shipping)

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