Brittany Packnett-Cunningham

Power of Love

Brittany Packnett-Cunningham is an activist, writer, NBC News contributor and the host of the podcast “Undistracted.” Brittany sits down virtually with SoulCycle Instructor Anthony Jr. to have a Soul-to-Soul.

Watch their thought provoking discussion around justice, love, and power—and how they’re all connected. Brittany highlights the power of love in and how the world will be a much better and just place if we approached our policy making, institution running, and systems creation with LOVE. She also describes how we can wield our own personal power and share it with our community, to attain collective freedom. We stand with Brittany’s belief, “when we come together, nothing is impossible.” 

Subscribe to Brittany’s podcast, Undistracted, as a source of education and inspiration for all of us who love justice.

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