Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about.

Favorite Artist

Stevie Nicks

Go-To Karaoke Song

Glamorous by Fergie

Celebrity Who Embodies your Inner Rockstar

Karl Lagerfeld

Soul Destination

Tulum, Mexico

Favorite Dance Move on the Bike

Heavy push!

Guilty Pleasure

Le Labo and Aesop products

Upcoming Classes

Sat 8/13 - 7:30 AM
West Hollywood
Sun 8/14 - 8:30 AM
Beverly Hills
Sun 8/14 - 10:45 AM
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Outside the Studio

Cam's playlist

What's your Soul Story?

Prior to clipping in for the first time, Cameron never considered himself an athlete. Riding a stationary bike in a dark room changed that. Strong, powerful, determined are all things Cameron will make you feel when you step out of his class. A firm believer that through hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything your heart desires. Never taking "no" for an answer, he will push you toward being the best version of yourself with some laughs along the way!

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SoulCycle on the go

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