"We can only ever be who we are, and at some point that has to be enough."

From a young age, Dominic always knew his dream was to use his voice to inspire. From the moment he clipped in at SoulCycle, Dominic knew he found the vehicle in which to carry out his dream. With the combination of the finest elements of mind, body, and soul, Dominic delivers a workout that leaves both your muscles aching and heart full. As a Gemini, film buff, athlete, aesthete, and more - he combines his expansive passions to curate an experience that aims to fuel your spirit. Let's dance, push, run, and cry together towards the greatest version of ourselves.

Favorite Artist

Hans Zimmer

Go-To Karaoke Song

Moment 4 Life - Nicki Minaj

Celebrity Who Embodies your Inner Rockstar

Serena Williams

Soul Destination

Any rave

Favorite Dance Move on the Bike

Close Your Eyes

Guilty Pleasure

Reality TV

Upcoming Classes

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Wednesday Oct 27 - 6:30 PM


Pasadena - Vaccine Required
Friday Oct 29 - 7:15 AM


Pasadena - Vaccine Required
Friday Oct 29 - 11:00 AM


West Hollywood - Vaccine Required
Sunday Oct 31 - 8:15 AM


Pasadena - Vaccine Required
Sunday Oct 31 - 4:00 PM


Pasadena - Vaccine Required
Monday Nov 01 - 5:15 PM


Pasadena - Vaccine Required

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