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Soul Story: Jamie Maier

After giving birth, rockstar JAMIE MAIER struggled to find an exercise she enjoyed that would help her shed her baby weight. Now down 40 pounds to her pre-baby size, she shares how SOUL gave her the chance to take care of herself…

I found SoulCycle after I gave birth to my baby in July 2014. I was having trouble losing the baby weight, and I had heard about SOUL and decided it was worth a try. I rounded up some women from my Mommy and Me group, and we tried it all together. I fell in love with it the second I clipped in, and now I attend every week.

I don’t think I could walk for almost four days after my first ride, but I was so happy. I was proud that I was finally doing something for myself. I nursed my child for over a year, so it was really freeing to do something just for me.

My first class was taught by Michelle, who is just inspirational and awesome. The class was so fun, and I liked that it was a different kind of workout, not just putting on headphones and running or staring at the meatheads at the gym. SoulCycle is challenging, but it is something I know I can do. I even did all this research before my first class to prepare, but it didn’t do the class justice. SoulCycle was the first workout I did that was exciting and fun to me.

Everything about SOUL has kept me coming back. I love the results, and that I leave there sweaty. I love doing something for me. The music at the end is incredible — all of it together makes you feel so good when you leave. The second I leave class, I just can’t wait to book my next bike.

Since I started riding at SoulCycle in January 2015, I’ve lost 40 pounds. In addition to shedding all of my baby weight, I am so much stronger. SOUL is also a great de-stressor; it’s addicting, but I’m excited about it. It is such a great mental and emotional break.

Every instructor is different, but I really prefer Michelle’s class — it has the ability to get you out of your head and sort of reel you in. The music is amazing, but I really loved a classic rock ride that I took recently. It was so fun to be able to sing along!

While SoulCycle can seem intimidating at first, it is worth giving it a shot. I love it, and I can’t stress that enough. Everyone at SOUL is fun, kind, and so accommodating; they don’t make you feel little, especially at your first few rides when it’s all new. I felt like I fit in from the first class I took. It’s welcoming and inclusive, the class works, and I feel like I can keep up. It’s amazing.

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