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Why Your Arm Series at SOUL is a Lifesaver

rab your weights” could be best news you’ve heard all day.

Things get a little heavy during at least one song of every SoulCycle class — and that’s a good thing. According to recent research conducted at Penn State University, lifting weights could help you life a longer life.

It’s true: When scientists examined the fitness habits of people age 65 and above, they found that those who performed simple weight-bearing exercises during their life were 46 percent less likely to die than those who skipped the dumbbell-hoisting workouts.

And while the researchers also took into account BMI, drinking and smoking habits, diet and conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, they deduced that lifting weights had major life-lengthening benefits. (Previous studies have found that resistance training like lifting weights can boost bone density and rev metabolism, too.)

Consider this science a little extra incentive to grab heavier weights this February in our Shorter Month, Bigger Goal calendar. Check it out HERE and follow along so you're ready to pick up a set of 5-pounders on the 23rd!

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