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11 Turn It Up Tips From Real Riders

hether you’re going for 10, pushing for 20, or planning to crush 30 classes, it takes a mix of physical stamina and mental willpower to power through a Turn It Up Challenge. We’ve asked some of our previous Turn It Up rockstar riders to share their top tips for riding all month long. Read on and discover how to make each day count. Haven't signed up yet? Do so before 11:59PM tonight!

1. Ride with your SOUL squad

“I signed up for classes with friends so that we would hold each other accountable (and could go to brunch afterwards!).” - Chelsea Gaw, River Oaks

2. And make new SOUL friends to ride with.

“Find friends, SOUL friends or friends of friends that you can ride with. I ride with my sisters and mom and find I am more motivated when I have the support surrounding me.” - Brooke Rosenfeld, E 54th

3. Find a schedule that works for you… and stick with it.

“I took rooster classes during the week because I was less likely to cancel for work or other plans.” - Gaw

4. Log enough sleep and make sure you take time to recover.

“I definitely bought a foam roller. They are miracle workers!” - Gaw

5. Create a connection.

“Find instructors that make you feel motivated — the ones that really speak to you will help you get through class and make you sign up for their next one.” - Rosenfeld

6. Map it out.

“The absolute best advice I can give to other Turn It Up riders is to plan ahead! Mapping out my classes for the week made me feel excited and ready to take on the challenge of getting on the bike (sometimes multiple times a day). It also removed the stress of trying to hit a certain number of classes per week. Planning out my class schedule allowed me to to focus on the challenge of being my best self and working toward a personal goal that at first seemed impossible.” - Nicole Lora, E 54th

7. But be flexible.

"Plan the month! It flies by. I needed to adjust and readjust my planned classes to make sure I was able to meet the demands at work and at home as I'm a #SOULdad to a seven- and four-year-old." - Stuart Barnes, Coral Gables

8. Remind yourself of your goal.

“Turn It Up is all about pushing yourself to be the best you. So, set a goal that reflects what you want the best version of yourself to be, and check in with it often.” - Lora

9. Create a reward for the days when you’re feeling less than 100%.

“One of my favorite treats after a ride is a peanut butter and banana smoothie. So, on the days when I wasn’t looking forward to getting on the bike, I focused on that post-ride smoothie and it really worked! Victory is one sweet treat!” - Lora

10. Ask for help.

"Check in with the instructors and staff! They are very encouraging. Shout out to Aubrey, Rachel, Willie and Fran! I finished last fall with a few days to spare." - Barnes

11. Stay the course.

"A large part of getting through Turn It Up 20 was just accepting how hard it was instead of telling myself that it was a piece of cake and that I was killing it. The journey became less about success and more about resilience and consistency." - Alexa Jordan shared about TIU20

Ready to Turn It Up? Sign up for the challenge HERE. Feeling inspired to ride? Grab a series HERE.

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