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The One-Minute Miracle That Happens in Your SOUL Class

hat seated sprint could be the secret to getting fitter faster than you thought possible, according to study conducted at McMaster University in Canada. And it takes a lot less time than you might think. Here’s the proof.

Researchers rounded up some cyclists and split them into two groups: One group did a 50-minute workout at a moderate, stable pace three times a week on a stationary bike. The other group also rode a stationary bike three times a week, but just for 10 minutes of intervals: They pedaled all-out for 20 seconds, then got two minutes of rest before repeating the 20-second sprint-following-rest routine twice more, completing a grand total of one minute of no holds barred sprinting.

After 12 weeks, the researchers checked in with both groups and discovered some pretty awesome results: Both sets of exercisers boosted endurance by 20 percent and showed similarly significant hikes in strength and blood sugar stabilization. Same effect in one-fifth the time.

Previous studies have shown that high intensity intervals such as these sprints can speed up fat loss and boost metabolism and burn calories longer after you wrap up your workout.

The upshot? Doing those short bursts of cycling sprints (like the ones you do at SOUL) are just as effective as longer, moderate workouts in getting you fit (hello, timesaving!) but even better at boosting your metabolism.

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