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Week 2: Spread Some Happy Vibes

Happiness isn’t just something that happens to you—it’s a habit. To start 2019 off right, SoulCycle developed The Happiness Challenge, a month-long program combining movement and mindfulness—designed to help you build your happiness habit, a toolbox you can tap into all year long.

We hope you embraced your challenge to move every day in Week 1! Movement is truly at the center of The Happiness Challenge, so keep it up—and don’t forget to book your bikes for this week!

For Week 2, we’re setting an intention around positive energy in our community—which is even more powerful than you’d imagine.

It turns out, people who spend time around happy people actually tend to be happier themselves. Researchers from Harvard and UC San Diego found that when an individual in close proximity to you gets happy, the effect on people nearby can be measured up to three degrees. So, a single person’s happiness can create a halo effect that benefits not only their friends, but their friends’ friends’ friends. In short: One person’s happiness can send ripples of joy out into the world.

So! Your official challenge for Week 2 is to share your happy. Start by thinking about the things in your life that make you happy—your partner, your family, something beautiful you pass by every day—and write them down. (We’ve even got some thought-starter cards over on our Instagram—follow @soulcycle—to get you started.) Now, put your phone down, and share those reflections—in real life!—with someone you care about. Say thank you, if they played a role.

And then watch as your happy helps the community around you glow.

You’ve got this. Spread some happy vibes. Oh, and don’t forget to keep up with those movement goals! Book a bike, bring a friend, and grow your happy.

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