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Crush Turn It Up With These Instructor-Approved Tips

apping it back even more this month? Your favorite SoulCycle instructors have just what you need to keep turning it up.

Welcome to Turn It Up season! No doubt you’re riding way more than usual (hello, doubles!) and as a result, your body may not be totally used to your new routine. Sore muscles? Aches and pains in places you didn’t even know existed? Yep. We’ve all been there after a few days — or weeks — of riding like a warrior.

But have no fear: SoulCycle instructors are here to help you get the most of your TIU days without hurting yourself or buckling under the exhaustion. Here are their best recovery tips, to help you get the most of your workouts.


If you're ramping up your number of workouts — hey, TIU20! — you also have to ramp up the amount of rest you're getting. Give yourself at least 12 hours before you go again. Sure, you can get by and get back on the bike with way less recovery — I do it all the time — but you'll feel so much better if you make rest a priority. You'll feel less run down and actually see the results, rather than being bloated and cranky. Rest not only repairs your muscles and replenishes your physical energy, but makes you nicer to your loved ones. —DANNY

Make sure you get enough sleep. I try to get eight hours a night when I teach a lot, and if I don’t get that because life is crazy, I nap! —SANDRA

Sleep. Tuck in early. Our bodies repair when we sleep. Make time for it! —EVE


Epsom Salt Baths! No joke, life savers. And meditate! Our minds repair when we still it;). —EVE


Schedule your workouts and your rest wisely — if you double, take the next day off completely; try making yourself go to bed an hour earlier; and/or block off a weekend morning to sleep in. Turning it down twenty is just as important! —DANNY


Eat balanced meals with protein and high carb content and yummy fats. I always recommend preparing your breakfast the night before and having your heaviest meal be your lunch. —SANDRA


Drink all your water And Then Some More! #replenish —EVE

Hydrate regularly. —CHARLEE

Hydration is so important! I like to throw a Nuun tablet into my Smartwater bottle to help me recover—especially when I’m teaching (or you’re taking!) extra classes. It’s the perfect boost of electrolytes and would be super helpful during Turn It Up. —ABBY


Cross training, balance is key. I make sure I get enough yoga so my body feels ready and recovers quicker. —SANDRA

Try @SoulAnnex classes! #findanewwaytomove I teach a Fundamental Flows class that will leave your body feeling fresh for your next ride! (TIU includes Annex classes you guys). —EVE

You should be stretching regularly. If you’re in New York, check out my Le Stretch class at SoulAnnex! —CHARLEE

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