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7 Things to Do This Weekend to Prep for TIU

t's almost time to Turn It Up! Sign-ups for this fall's challenge are still open!

With just days until the Turn It Up challenge kick-off, what can you do this weekend to set yourself up for success? Your favorite instructors have the answer!

MAX: Take some time to decide why you're doing the turn it up challenge. What do you want to get out of it? What about pushing yourself a little further this month excites you? Then, decide how you are going to get it done. I find it can help to take a moment to focus on the why and the how rather than worrying so much about the if. Why are you setting this goal? how will you make it happen? If the why is super strong and personal, the how will become remarkably clear.

TIFFANY: Treat Yourself. Have a fun and nourishing weekend. Enjoy a warm epsom salt bath or two, hop on your foam roller and hydrate... it's still summer here in the DMV :) Invite your friends to join you and/cheer you on this journey. Better to sweat and dance with friends!

LILY: Take Charlee's Le Stretch or Danny's Restore at SoulAnnex. They're both incredibly relaxing classes and great ways to set your body up for success during the challenge.

PAULA: It's never too late to hydrate! Drinking LOTS of water makes all the difference! Be sure to consume extra if you are a coffee drinker... and if you don't love water, try chocolate coconut water. If you close your eyes hard enough it tastes just like chocolate milk ;)

IAN: Hydrate, carb load, protein and fiber, and look into yoga classes for recovery!! Also get a friend to do it with you out of friendly competition or just accountability.

AMANDA K: Make time for recovery! Hydrate! And pace your self in classes.

TANNER: HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! I feel like we get to caught up in daily life that we forget to drink water. With class we should have one bottle before, one during and one after. Yes, THREE per class.

Ready to Turn It Up? Sign up for the challenge HERE. Feeling inspired to ride? Grab a series HERE.

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