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6 Instructors on the Importance of Changing Up Your Routine

aintaining a healthy routine is great, but when does stability become monotony? Six SoulCycle instructors weigh in on the benefits of changing it up.

Pushing it to the same point week after week? It might be time to switch up your habits and reinvigorate your workout routine.

"Routine or rut? Like anything else, it’s how you view it. Perspective is key, but it’s also important to have a sensitivity to what your body needs and how it’s responding to what you are doing and eating, and how you are feeling. Routines serve us as they give structure and get us on track, but what happens when your routine brings you to a plateau? Time to step up your game. Literally and figuratively.

Get out of your rut by trying new things within the sphere of what serves you. Cross-train, switch up your diet, set an earlier bedtime, meditate before you start your day.

Here are a few quickie rut hacks: 1. Try 30 days of yoga! You can do this at home or in a studio, but get your body flowing. 2. Follow a 90/10 vegetarian diet: 90 percent of the time, go vegetarian. Weekdays, breakfast and lunch, find a balance, but stick to it for a month and see how you feel! 3. Try a meditation app or hit up a meditation studio. Meditation is a powerful tool for me. It keeps me motivated and positive and moving in the right direction. When I’m feeling sluggish or down, I take an inventory of what’s happening in my life and nearly 100 percent of the time, I’ve gotten 'too busy' to keep up my meditation practice and that’s when things fall through the cracks." —EVE

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"'If nothing changes, nothing changes.' I like to use this quote in reference of using resistance to change the body. Then apply it to people's everyday life." —NAZ

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"I consider myself to be both a very structured, yet very open person. It takes initiative and planning to be successful in any industry. For me, everyday I need to plan my time accordingly — fueling my body correctly, resting it completely and arranging my classes properly.

My routine helps me stay on track to do my job day in and day out. But my routine exists to provides structure, not to set boundaries. Tolerating the same regimented schedule on the daily is not going to bring you a different result at the end of the day. So if it is something more you are seeking — whatever that might be — you need to be willing to color outside the lines.

At SoulCycle, we focus a lot on setting newer and bigger goals once we achieve ones we previously set. We encourage ourselves to push outside our comfort zones. That's important; that's how we grow. Life gets boring when you stay in the limits of something you already know. So if your routine is the thing standing in your way of trying something new, a break from it might be the very thing that helps your breakthrough." —LK

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"I always say, 'We are only as powerful as we are dynamic.'

In my class and in the rest of my life, I stress the importance of lots of texture in our fitness and self-care routines. For example, if you're riding at SOUL three times a week and aren't supplementing the high-intensity physical and mental participation required in a SoulCycle class with something on the opposite end of the spectrum, you're setting yourself up for potential injury or burnout. Get to a yoga class! Get a massage! Go to a soundbath!

In a world of one-click online shopping and smartphones, going slow is just as (if not more!) important as going fast. We have to be able to go fast so we can keep up with the progress of the world, but we have to be able to go slow so we can stay in the race for years to come." —MADELEINE

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"I'm a big believer in changing your routine not only to keep things fresh and exciting, but to also promote muscle confusion and keeping your body guessing. As someone who tends to be a rigid list maker and driven by structure, I notice that doing and eating the same things over and over again can often lead to a mental block and my body feeling like it has hit a wall. Our brains and bodies crave variety, so in order to keep progressing, we need to try and stimulate in new and interesting ways. Being aware of my own tendencies, I've been making sure to vary my class structure for riders to make sure we have something different to focus on each week. I never want the ride and workout feel stale to our dedicated pack, so it's important for me to make sure I keep riders guessing and have them feeling something different every time they leave class." —BRENT

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"I think it's important to not only switch things up to challenge your body in different ways, but also be mindful of restoring it. I love adding a few yoga, barre, and Pilates classes on top of SOUL to make sure I'm working on toning, stretching, and alignment." —BRITT

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