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Why Your Body Loves SoulCycle

t's not just in your head: Your body seriously loves SoulCycle. Find out why, ahead.

Those tap-backs and sprints are taking you far. Just how far? SoulCycle's resident physical therapist, Corinne Croce, PT, DPT, is here to break it down.

SoulCycle involves the entire body and no one muscle works in isolation, but certain spots get a little bit more love in those 45 minutes than others.

The cardiovascular workout trains the heart, lungs, and vascular system aerobically to better supply muscles with much-needed oxygen and improve the capacity and efficiency of the aerobic system. The cardiovascular system is also being trained to improve endurance tolerance.

The triceps are working throughout class, along with the shoulders, to hold the body up. The triceps are activated on the upward motion of choreography presses and work to control the downward motion.

The abdominal muscles are working throughout class, along with the other core muscles (think: all muscles that connect to the spine) to keep the torso upright. The abdominal and other core muscles also provide a stable base of support for the upper and lower extremities to be able to move and generate power.

The glute max and the hammies work to extend the hip to drive the pedal down. The quads are working during knee extension and with the other hip flexors to get to the top of the pedal stroke when coming around. Power is generated from each of these muscles at different points in the pedal stroke. FYI: When riding with the hips over the saddle, the glutes and hamstrings will have a greater range of motion and therefore can generate greater power and muscle activity.

The muscles move between utilizing fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers, based on what is being asked of the body. Fast-twitch dominate in explosive, short, powerful movements, and slow-twitch step up in muscle endurance periods. At SOUL, we can train the glutes, hammies, and quads for both endurance and power. Many engaged muscles = one happy body.

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