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Week 3: Practice Gratitude, Build Your Happy

Happiness isn’t just something that happens to you—it’s a habit. To start 2019 off right, SoulCycle developed The Happiness Challenge, a month-long program combining movement and mindfulness—designed to help you build your happiness habit, a toolbox you can tap into all year long. Book your bike now!

It’s Week 3 of The Happiness Challenge! How’s it going? Are you moving every day (or trying to)? Are you spreading your positivity? Proud of you! (Keep it up—don't forget to book your bikes.)

This week is all about gratitude. New York instructor Noa Shaw said it best: Gratitude is a little word with big power. In fact, according to a series of studies published by the Journal of Positive Psychology, people who have grateful dispositions often feel more joyful.

And that’s where you come in. Here’s your challenge for this week: Clip in and practice gratitude. Be grateful for what your body achieves on the bike. Tell a friend. And jot down a few more things that you’re grateful for! (Need inspiration? You can use our customizable gratitude charts. Get ‘em on Instagram.)

It’ll feel good. Trust us.

Book your bikes—and keep practicing your gratitude all week long!
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