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What Happened When Nick Turk Cut Sugar for 30 Days

hiladelphia instructor NICK TURK decided to cut out all added sugar for the month of September. Find out how it went!

Well it's been 30 days! I have to say, I don't see myself going back to my old diet. I definitely still have cravings, but I've learned to make better decisions. What I found really amazing about doing this challenge with so many people in the SoulCycle community was how much easier it was to stick to the diet with a support system. On Facebook, we used a shared group to share recipes, joke about stuff that just didn't work, and talk about cravings and ways to resolve them naturally.

Here's how the challenge went for a few riders!

BRANSON YEAST. The past month, doing Nick’s No Added Sugar Challenge has been a journey. As a cellist, I’ve given myself a career where I have to provide my own motivation to pick up the instrument and practice every day. I’ve always told myself that my discipline to practice was all I could deal with in my daily routine, and everything else I would treat with a more relaxed and carefree attitude. I’ve never done a food challenge, or any challenge whatsoever, so when Nick first introduced the idea, I thought… “Why not?” As the days and weeks progressed, and I started attending more SoulCycle classes, I found myself lighter, with more energy, and a renewed confidence in myself. For me, the challenge wasn’t about sugar, it was about tackling my self-doubt and gaining the determination and freedom to change how I live my life.

THAO LE. The no sugar challenge seems daunting, but it was really a good way for me to be honest about my nutrition and eating habits. It made me more aware of the amount of sugar that is hidden in our foods (have to read the labels!) and simply be aware that there are so many great food choices that don't involve sugar. I have become more aware of what I put on my plate and I still don't really feel like I'm missing out.

AMANDA MICHELLE. The NSA challenge was my way of hitting the reset button and helping my body detox from sugar. I generally eat healthy, but I didn’t realize how much added sugar I was actually consuming until I really started paying attention. Those little bits of added sugar here and there really do add up! This challenge has made me so much more cognizant of reading labels before I eat or buy. The month was full of ups and downs, but overall, I have a lot more energy and I just feel SO much better (not craving sugar, not crashing mid-day, etc.)! I will definitely be continuing this lifestyle. Next challenge: getting my workout game back on track!

JULIE ANNE. The no sugar challenge has completely changed my prospective on my eating. I’m now more aware of what I put into my body. When you actually look at the label, you may be surprised by what they put in your favorite foods. During this challenge, I not only changed my food habits, but I also changed the way I saw myself. I am now full of life and energy, which I definitely need as a special education teacher for autistic students. I'm also starting to dig deep and begin to see the self-love I’ve so desperately been struggling with. My body has changed, my face is no longer bloated, and inches just started falling off me. I no longer crave the toxins in my life — I make my own sweetness. Who would have known that something so simple could have such a major outcome!

The thing I like most about this challenge is that it promotes a positive relationship with food. It has forced me to focus on what I'm eating with more purpose, and I'm consciously choosing foods with the intent to properly fuel my body. I feel good about the choices I'm making because they make me feel good. It's elevated my energy and my overall mood, and I definitely see myself keeping up with these habits when the challenge ends.

SARAH SHANNON. I started the challenge because I have done five million different diets and workouts — everything to try and lose weight — and nothing works. Although I doubt I can do this forever, cutting sugar out has made me realize how many things have hidden sugar and also how easy it can be to eat clean. I really appreciate the way that it's making my mind stop and think about what I'm actually putting into my body. I feel a lot more energized and definitely have noticed my shirts are a little looser.

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