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Mental Tips to Reach Your Goals on the Bike

ou’re in the Turn It Up home stretch and this is when things get really tough. This challenge is meant to push you physically and mentally – we’re asking you to find a new limit, because the really good stuff is waiting for you just beyond your comfort zone.

Break down those mental barriers with these tips from top SOUL instructors on how to keep your head in the game.

1. Set the tone. “Use music to inspire you even off the bike. Once you wake up, what song speaks to you to crush your day? If you aren't feeling like riding or working out today, head to Spotify or SoundCloud and let your favorite jams get your blood pumping. This totally works for me. Music has such power to lift us up and keep us moving towards our goals.” - Brent Locey

2. Champion for yourself.It's about being better than you were yesterday. This is one of my go-to quotes that I recently shared with a rider and training client who had hit a little setback in their new routine. It is so easy to get lost in comparing ourselves to that image of perfection or view our end goal as so far away. When we stumble we spiral down and beat ourselves up, this can lead toward totally abandoning our goal. This quote reminds me that your goal for the day is just to be a little better than the person you were yesterday.” – Brent

3. Embrace the struggle. “When you are faced with a challenge, remember that’s when the change is about to happen. You can’t have change without challenge. The two go hand in hand.” - Ashley Godby

4. Be grateful. “Stop and realize how lucky and fortunate you are to physically and mentally do what you do! Remember, the reward in the end result is worth all the sweat, doubts and tears. Pure magic has been created.” - Ashley

5. Choose strength. “You always have a choice — no one can make you do this. The only person that can make it happen is you. Do or do not. There is no try.” - Elle Cascino

6. Believe in yourself. “When I first started teaching this was really difficult. I was trying to figure out who I was on a bike and what kind of teacher I wanted to be all in front of strangers. It took a whole lot of feeling bad about myself, (yes, I said that.) You have to allow yourself to feel everything, the good and the bad. It took a whole lot of support from the people in my life who believed in me, my closest friends and family. And most importantly, it took a decision. My best-friend asked me one day...’Are you going to be average? Or are you going to be great?’ Decide to be great daily.” - Elle

7. Post up. “I've always loved how the Notre Dame Football team smacks the “play like a champion today” sign as they leave the locker and step onto the field before games. While it doesn't need to be this phrase or object specifically, give yourself something that you can see, touch or check in with daily to remind you what you’re going after. Post it above your door, on your bathroom mirror or wherever you will see it daily and use it to step into that day with some drive.” - Brent

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