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6 Pro Tips For Sleeping On A Plane

ooking the red eye flight always seems like a good idea... until you can’t fall asleep. Logging enough shut eye is essential to your SOUL performance, and sometimes catching a few hours on a flight is all your schedule allows. Check out what our instructors do to help them relax en route...

“Traveling is exhausting, and though sleeping on a plane isn't necessarily ideal, it can help me arrive at my destination feeling a little more refreshed — especially if it's a super early morning flight,” explains NYC SOUL instructor JERA FOSTER-FELL. NYC instructor KAILI STEVENS ( who just returned from a trip to Tanzania last month and is off to SOUL Vancouver to help prepare for their instructor auditions) agrees: "I travel frequently, both nationally and internationally. From flights that last 45 minutes to 18 hours, I try to create a calm and relaxing experience so I can log some peaceful slumber."

So what's their secret to catching shut-eye in the skies? Here are a few insider tricks from SOUL’s frequent fliers. Our pro tip? Go for the window seat — you’ll have a built in headrest and a guarantee that no one will wake you up to ask you to move.

1. Arrive to the airport sleepy.

"On the day I'm traveling, I'll try to use up all of my energy by running errands and packing so that by the time I go through customs and get on the flight I'm ready to go to sleep. If it's a early morning flight I try not to sleep [much] the night before." – JUNIOR KENNEDY, NYC

2. Chill out before you take off.

“As a professional dancer I traveled frequently, but I have slight anxiety about flying during take off. So after going through security, I try to find a cup of chamomile or green tea and a quiet space to practice breathing techniques combined with happy thoughts. Allowing feelings of gratitude to have the opportunity to do what I love helps calm my nerves!” – ALEXIS ROSE, Philly

3. Bring a few sleep accessories.

“If I'm trying to sleep on a plane, I need to be as cozy as possible. That means at the very least, wearing a big soft sweatshirt. If it's a super long international flight (like when I flew to Bali!) I'll bring my own plane pillow that makes sleeping a little more comfortable. An eye mask and ear plugs can be incredibly helpful to tune out the lights of TVs flashing around you.” – JERA FOSTER-FELL, NYC

4. Pack snacks.

"Don't count on finding a flight attendant when you need one! I must have a bottle of water and a snack before I get on the plane. Hunger and thirst are not my friends — they make me panic and they won't help me fall asleep. Be prepared!" – KAILI STEVENS, NYC

5. Create a chill playlist.

"I have a very difficult time sleeping on planes, but one thing that helps me relax a little more is to bring an oversized, comfy sweater than can double as a blanket or a pillow! I also always bring my Beats headphones so I can put on a movie or some music (on low) to give myself something to listen to as I check out mentally." – ALEX KANTER, NYC

6. Close your eyes.

"I like to pull my hat down, or pop my hoodie over my head and eyes. If that's too much an eye mask helps! Just closing your eyes can help you disconnect and help you focus on your breath. If you wake up it's ok! Just reset and try again." – KAILI STEVENS, NYC

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