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How to Prepare Your Bedroom to Get Your Best Rest

etting enough shut-eye is crucial to getting the most out of your class at SOUL… and pretty much everything else you do. So we asked for some strategies for catching those ZZZs from our friends at Casper, who have to sites dedicated to improving sleep, Pillow Talk and Van Winkle’s. Check it out and get set to turn in…

Feeling the midday slump earlier than usual? Need an extra cup of coffee after advised hours? You’re not the only one. Studies show that up to 70 million Americans aren’t getting quality sleep. Changing all of your sleep-related habits can seem like a daunting process. Start with your bedroom. Follow these easy upgrades to get your best rest.

1. Black-out or back out. Your room probably isn’t dark enough. Research has shown that people who sleep in darker rooms have higher levels of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. Consider hanging a pair of blackout curtains or wear an eye-mask. Your favorite home or apparel store probably has both. Bonus: The higher your levels of melatonin and deeper your sleep, the more body fat you’ll burn at rest.

2. Tuck yourself in tight. It goes without saying that the most important part of your bedroom is the bed. Your choice of mattress, sheets, and pillow will have the most direct impact on your sleep quality. Make sure you pick a mattress that gives you perfect mix of support and comfort. (Naturally, we are partial to the ones at

3. Look on the bright side. Being jarred awake to the sound of your blaring “Marimba” alarm sounds like the start of a cranky day. Scientifically, the disruption disturbs your Circadian rhythm and highly contributes to morning drowsiness. One solution: An automatic wake-up light, such as the Philips HF3520, WHICH can replicate a sunrise in your bedroom. Beginning 30 minutes before your wake-up time, the light gradually brightens, bringing a warm glow to the room and easing you awake naturally. You can also replace the standard alarm tone with something more soothing, such as the sound of chirping birds or the faint sizzling of bacon. If that doesn’t inspire you to a book bike so you can eat a meaty breakfast guilt-free, we don’t know what will.

4. Block out the noise… with more noise. Do you live on a busy street above a neighborhood bar or cohabitate with a loud roommate? All of the above? The chaos might be keeping you from falling asleep or it could wake you up in the middle of the night. To help you snooze through the night, we recommend making more noise with a sound machine. It blends outside sounds into the background and prevents sleep disturbances.

5. Consider getting a new look. Are your bedroom walls dark and dreary? Colors such as brown, purple, red and grey have been scientifically proved to be sleep disruptors. The most relaxing color? Blue. In one study, subjects with blue rooms slept the longest, about seven hours and 52 minutes on average. If you don’t like blue, we recommend you go with yellow or green.

Try these tips and prepare to start getting the sleep you dream about.
Article by Alyse Borkan of
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