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How One Instructor Says “Yes!” to Mondays

t doesn’t matter how much you love your job, or how awesome your weekend was… there’s always a little bit of stress the night before a new work-week kicks off. Instructor JADE VIGGIANO shares her best tips for avoiding the Sunday Scaries, from mantras to sleep to prepping for the week ahead.

Look, I know all about the Instagram posts and Internet memes that shame Mondays, but come on! If you hate on Monday, you're bringing the rest of the week down with it —and that’s a viscous cycle. I LIVE for Sunday nights and Monday mornings. To me, a fresh week equals a fresh start — physically, mentally, athletically and spiritually. I believe if you give yourself a solid night’s sleep and fuel your mind and body with enough hydration and beaming good thoughts on Sunday night, you will ultimately wake up on Monday embodying your best self. So start channeling your inner unicorn, mermaid, the Hulk... whatever you're into.

Put sleep on a pedestal.
Proper sleep is really KEY. For me, teaching at 6:00 AM on Monday mornings is a blessing in disguise because it forces me to start an awesome sleep pattern for the week — I’m in bed by 10:00 PM on Sunday night!

Practice self-care.
While clipping in and leading the pack is so beneficial to my mind, body and SOUL, I also recently started going to hot yoga with fellow instructor Casi Reali. It is amazing to have something that helps me physically and mentally recharge so I can be fresh, mindful and completely present in my daily life and in the SOUL studio. I’ve noticed that when my head, heart and body are in three different places, it is a lot more difficult to feel satisfied with my 45-minute journey in the SOUL studio. I make extra time to sweat twice a week and center myself not only for me, but for all of the energy that I want to give to my riders!

Flip on the positivity switch.
When you go to sleep dreading the new week, that negativity will stick with you all week long. If you’re having trouble getting out of your head, though, try this tiny flip of a switch. Turn dread into desire. See the week ahead as a fresh start, a clean slate or a blank page. You hold the pen! Write your story and go after everything you crave. Say, “Yes!” to Monday.

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Article by Jade Viggiano
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