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Week 1: Get Moving! Clip in. Get Happy

Did you set an intention to find more joy and happiness in 2019? Hi, hello, so did we. Happiness, of course, doesn’t just happen to you—it’s a habit. And that’s why we created The Happiness Challenge, a month-long program combining movement and mindfulness to help you build a happiness habit. Book your bikes here!

For Week 1, we’re challenging you to get moving! There’s a reason people walk out of a SoulCycle class with a smile and a sense of release—people who exercise tend to be happier. It’s true!

Experts at the University of Michigan found that people who exercise the doctor-recommended 30 minutes a day were nearly 30 percent more likely to say they were happy than people who didn’t work out the same amount. Even a little exercise might go a long way: People who worked out just 10 minutes (that’s three songs!) a week tended to be happier than people who never exercised. Movement is an essential piece of building that happiness toolbox for 2019.

Here’s your official challenge for this week: Set an intention to move your body every day. (If you haven’t already, sign up for a SoulCycle class! It’s a great way to move your body—and have loads of fun while you’re doing it.) On days you can’t ride, make sure you’re still doing something—even 10 minutes can be powerful!

You’ve got this. Clip in, and get happy this week! Book your bike now.

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