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Genius Ways to Incorporate Charcoal Into Your Beauty Routine

f you want to get really clean, you're going to have to get a little dirty first...

Activated charcoal has popped up in recent years as one of the hottest beauty ingredients around, and for good reason: it's seriously effective. Think of air filters, which use activated charcoal — toxins and chemicals stick to the ingredient, stopping them from where we don't want them to go (in our lungs). Don't you want the same organic bodyguard defending your pores? It seems like every Instagram beauty guru does, the infamous black peel-off mask boasts the biggie ingredient of, yep, charcoal.

It's not just great for a peel-off facial, though. Read on for 14 other products that can give you that charcoal beauty boost on your skin, scalp, nails, and even teeth.

Peel-off mask. The product that launched a thousand double-taps and de-gunked an infinite number of pores, this peel-off mask uses a combination of charcoal's detoxifying powers and the physical factor of actually sticking to sebaceous filaments and pulling them right out of your face. Clogged pores and Instagram feeds, beware!

Pore strips. Hoping to target the heck out of those pesky nose and around-nose (technical aesthetician's term, I assure you) areas? These fabric pore strips have you covered, boasting the bestie team of charcoal and witch hazel astringent to tighten your pores while de-greasing and de-gritting your nose.

Sponge. Why should your face get to have all the fun? This detoxifying sponge lets your chest and shoulders (and wherever else you choose) get in on the gently exfoliating, charcoal-fueled cleansing as well.

Body wash. In fact, why not slather charcoal all over your body? Acne and skin irritations like KP aren't limited to just our faces, so this minty body wash goes for a full-court, full-torso press in the name of your skincare.

Moisturizer. Hailed as an oily skin savior, charcoal can also moisturize. This lightweight gel settles into skin quickly, and uses a combo of Vitamin C and glycolic acid to minimize the appearance of pores and keep the mid-morning shinies at bay.

Cleansing wipes. No time for the full spa routine? These no-water-required cleansing wipes can get you cleaned up and exfoliated in no time.

Micellar water. Cleansing micellar water (tiny oil particles grab onto the oils in your skin and makeup to clean without over-drying) gets the charcoal treatment to guarantee a detoxifying, fully cleansing and gently moisturizing result, all in one swipe of a cotton swab. There's so much going on with this product, we wouldn't be surprised if it also cooked us breakfast.

Blotting papers. The power of charcoal, harnessed in your gym bag. Feeling a little shiny? These thin blotting papers work double-time to discreetly lift off the unwanted sheen until you're just the right level of glowy.

Dry shampoo. If nothing else, dry shampoo is proof that magic is real and that someone out there wants us to look put together, even when we're really, really not. A few spritzes of this charcoal-infused formula will not only de-grease your 'do, but will promote overall scalp health and hair growth, courtesy of your good friend charcoal.

Scalp treatment. There are plenty of masks of the facial variety, but what about the skin that's eclipsed by your hair? This leave-in treatment chills and detoxes your scalp, readily destroying any flakiness or surprise in-hair zits, and breaks down build-up so your next wash gets you squeakier clean than ever before.

Deodorant. Even your pits can get in on the fun with this residue-free, natural-leaning deodorant spray.

Nail polish. Our nail health can be impacted by what we ingest, holding onto evidence of past not-so-healthy behaviors long after you've stopped, so why not draw out their toxins with this cleverly charcoal-spiked nail polish?

Charcoal-infused makeup brushes. We've all been guilty of going a little too long without cleaning our makeup brushes, so this ingenious helper appeared on the scene. This travel set of mini-brushes sports charcoal-infused bristles, which have antibacterial properties. Still, you should probably pencil in some time to rinse your gunky brushes soon.

Tooth powder. An alternative to bleach and whitening strips, charcoal powder can even be used as a natural tooth whitener. Just dip your damp toothbrush bristles into the powder and then brush away for a few minutes. Just make sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly — black residue between teeth is never a great look.

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Article by Kase Wickman

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