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7 Tips a Registered Dietitian Swears By When Traveling

is the season for planes, trains and automobiles (oh my!) but don’t let the endless travel sidetrack your healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re heading to grandma’s by bus, taking the train to your in-laws or flying to a far-off destination, keep your body and (stomach!) strong and healthy — even when you’re cramped in small quarters for long periods of time. Registered Dietitian at Middleberg Nutrition and avid SoulCyclist ELIZA WHETZEL shares her advice for eating clean during hectic holiday journeys…

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail,” says Whetzel. “This saying is tough, but it's true.” When it comes to holiday travel, planning ahead is a necessary evil. While you may already have packing lists and itineraries locked down, don’t let your meals fall to the wayside.

Start by creating a survival snack pack before you even walk out the door. Whetzel fills hers with nut butter packets (think Justin’s or Sunbutter), an apple or banana, plus roasted chickpeas for a crunch that’s high in fiber. If you need a little more substance, she recommends tossing in an RX Bar for added fuel.

“When you are traveling, try to avoid foods with refined sugars, excessive sodium (avoid packaged foods with sodium levels above 20 percent daily value per serving), artificial sweeteners and excessive caffeine,” says Whetzel. “Skip the junk and choose real, whole foods!”

Preparing your snacks ahead of time also sets you up for practicing portion control. When you pre-make your snacks and foods, there’s limited risk for overeating out of boredom or stress. Instead, food has a purpose.

If you get nauseous when traveling, try sipping on ginger tea or popping a ginger bite to ease your queasy stomach — Whetzel swears by Gin-Gin chewy bites and lemon-ginger Yogi Tea in addition to sipping on water to quell carsickness quickly.

Dehydration can also intensify travel blahs, so focus on sipping H20 (and skipping alcohol!) throughout your journey. “Drinking water will help to avoid potential issues with regularity, and will help you maintain hunger levels and prevent jet lag,” says Whetzel. Try to drink at least a liter of water for every hour spent on a plane, and about half your bodyweight in ounces if you’re traveling on the ground.

One last pro tip: Stock your freezer with healthy options to help you make a healthy transition back into reality upon your arrival home. Whetzel loves to load up Hilary's Veggie Burgers; frozen fruits, vegetables and soups such as The Splendid Spoon; and pre-cooked grains such as Minsley Organic Brown Rice or Quinoa.

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