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5 Reasons You're Feeling Burnt Out and How to Solve Them

he days might be growing shorter, but that doesn’t mean your energy has to nosedive with the temperatures. Read on to find out five reasons you could be feeling burnt out and some simple ways to hit “refresh” to take back your day…

1. You’re Always On.

Do you check your work email more than you check in with your friends on weekends? A new study conducted by Liuba Belkin of Lehigh University, William Becker of Virginia Tech and Samantha A. Conroy of Colorado State pinpointed a correlation between the pressure many of us feel to constantly check our email (thank you, smartphones!) and burnout. Belkin and her team tested 297 working adults and found that just the expectation of being “always on” and available via email stops people from being able to “psychologically detach from work-related issues,” leading to burnout, notes Belkin. How many times have you checked your email before bed and then been unable to sleep?

The solution: Do a trial separation from your device. Change your notification settings so you’re less likely to be sucked into your phone at every sales email that lands in your inbox. And don’t sleep next to your phone so you’re less tempted to check it at all hours. If you’re up for it, chat with your manager about setting some of your own email-free times. Does that message really need to be answered at 8 PM on a Sunday? You can always bring up the study above as ammo... you’re welcome.

2. You’re glued to your office chair.

Need another reason to take an office stroll? Dr. Andrew Farber, an orthopedic surgeon in New York and SOUL rockstar, says, “Our bodies are designed to move regularly. Extended periods of immobility or inactivity not only causes a slow down in our metabolism, but also increases strain on our cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.”
The solution: Move! Dr. Farber says: “Stand up and stretch, move your trash bin to the other side of your office or workstation, take a walk outside for some fresh air and the movement begins to add up. Small changes are easier to implement and are more likely to be continued long-term.” We’re big fans of a SOUL break for lunch, but the bottom line is that you should stick with exercise that’s doable for you. Get those endorphins kicking and watch your energy levels grow!

3. Your Fuel Could Use a Reboot.

Too much sodium in your diet can lead to feelings of bloating and fatigue, which can make you feel like you’re dragging throughout your day.
The solution: According to registered dietician and certified dietician/nutritionist LISA MOSKOVITZ, “foods that naturally contain a lot of water and very little salt help prevent excess bloat.” Moskovitz says, “Potassium and calcium help fight sodium retention and therefore may help reduce some bloating.” She suggests stocking your kitchen with bananas, yogurt, dark leafy greens and avocados.

4. You’re dehydrated.

Our bodies are 60 percent water. But when we factor in long meetings, dehydrating caffeine runs and an on-the-go lifestyle, it’s easy to not get enough H20, leaving us tired and cranky.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that men drink about 12 cups (or 3 liters) of total beverages a day (not just water!), while women require approximately 9 cups (or 2.2 liters) of liquid.

The solution: Make hydration fun again. If water leaves you cold, check out how these 24 SOUL instructors hydrate before and after a workout.

5. You’re sleep-deprived.

Be honest: How many hours of shut-eye do you get a night? While getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night isn’t possible for everyone, when it comes to catching ZZZs, it’s not just quantity, it quality. High-sodium foods, alcohol and the glow of electronic devices can all lead to poor sleep and less time in that desirable dream state called REM. And did you know even one late weekend night can offset your sleep schedule for days?

The solution: Good sleep doesn’t have to be just a dream. Check out these tips for making your bedroom the perfect sleep den (yes, redecorating can be good for your health!) and be prepared to fall in love with sleep again.

The information presented is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis or recommended treatments. Please take an individual approach and consult your physician on which dietary choice is best for you.

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