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4 Genius Morning Tips to Get You On a Bike Before Sunrise

f you hit the snooze button five times before your 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM SoulCycle class, you might not be a natural-born rooster. (No judgments!) But that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself up and out…it just takes the right rituals to be a morning exerciser. And in addition to helping you reach your New Year’s goals — such as becoming stronger, fitter and more confident— early morning exercise comes with some major health benefits.

According to scientists at Appalachian State University, exercising in the AM helps reduce blood pressure and can actually improve the quality of your sleep Plus, you’re way less likely to skip a ride if you sweat in the morning before a work deadline/your kids/drinks with your friends/[insert a hundred other life things here] trips you up. So if riding in the morning is one of your New Year’s #goals, here are proven tips on how to become a successful morning exerciser.

Opt for an earlier dinner.
Weird but true! “Make sure you’re finished with dinner at least three hours before your intended bed time,” says Serena Goldstein, a naturopathic doctor based in New York City. “That way, you’ll give your food plenty of time to digest and will get a better night of sleep…which will make it easier to wake up the next morning.” Two more proven night-before tricks: limit screen time on your devices the hour before bed and set out tomorrow morning’s workout outfit.

Have a morning ritual.
“Creating a morning ritual that grounds and centers you is very important to productivity and prioritizing how your day is going to unfold,” says San Francisco-based instructor Jenny Gaither. She says that staying consistent is key, so the more you love your ritual and the more you practice it, the easier and more fulfilling it gets. “For example, I love coffee so much I actually look forward to making a big cup—with coconut oil and a scoop of collagen peptides—the second I wake up, even at 4:45 AM!”

Stretch yourself.
NYC-based instructor Selena Watkins is all about stretching to get the day started. “A few sun salutations or any of your favorite stretches helps to rejuvenate your body at the start of the day,” she says. The yoga move—which includes a sequence of stretching your arms overhead, bending forward, plank pose, upward- and downward-facing dog—takes your body though a full range of motion that increases circulation. Ahhh.

Remember your purpose.
Watkins says the ultimate motivator for her each morning is knowing how the next-level vibes in the studio will help set the tone for the rest of the day. “The energy in the room is so amazing that I could still be tired in the morning and as soon as I walk in, I'm lifted and ready to go for it,” she says. “My body gets it and decides to cooperate!” And, #truth: No one ever finishes a workout and thinks, “I wish I’d snoozed through my alarm and skipped that ride!”

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Article by Kevin Aeh
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