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Perfect Gifts When Shopping for a Style Guy this Holiday Season

ant to score the perfect gift when you’re out shopping for the fashion-forward style guy in your life? LA Instructor ROSS RAMONE is here to help. The style guy shared the trends he loves for 2017, his top tips for picking out the perfect gift, shoes he’s obsessed with and more…

man in black ????????????✔️ | #black #blackonblack #allblackeverything #sunday #funday #rossriders

A photo posted by rossramone (@rossramone) on

We love your dapper Instagram posts. How would you describe your style?
I like classic American menswear combined with pieces that have a more urban, fashion-forward sensibility. Recently, I’ve been experimenting more with volume, length and shape — especially since so much of what I work and teach in is tight and constricting. It’s a nice contrast.

What are the new trends that you love?
Anything that plays with volume and length a bit is a win in my book. Think oversized sweaters and coats, slouchy trousers, drop shoulders and extra long sleeves, boxier silhouettes. I’m also into embellishments, like patches or embroidery. It’s a trend you see popping up a lot on things like bomber jackets. I always love anything that’s military-inspired, too.

It’s almost like military-inspired has become a staple.
Exactly. There’s also a ’70’s thing happening right now that I’m very into. I think braver, more fashion-minded guys should look for fur — which might seem like a weird thing to say, but it’s really in — or velvet. Velvet is cool. And, of course, athleisure is here to stay. I think tracksuits are going to make a comeback in a cool, modern way.

What fashion-related items are you hoping to pick up for the holidays
I’m going through a bit of a shoe phase — specifically sneakers — so I’m really playing off of that athleisure movement. I love the work that Nike and Adidas are doing — they are making the coolest and most interesting sneakers.

What are your top tips for gifting fashion-related items to someone?
I think the best thing you can do is give a gift that feels thoughtful and specific to that person — don’t necessarily just buy on trend, but think about what he might actually wear and appreciate. What works with his lifestyle?

Great idea. Do you find yourself gifting more accessories or clothing items?
Accessories. Often times, I see a pair of shoes that makes me think of someone else, so that can be a great item to give. Hats are another great option, if you know someone who’s into them. Plus, jewelry on guys has never been cooler than it is right now, so if you know a guy who can pull off jewelry, that’s a great option as well. Think rings, bracelets, even necklaces.

| sundays refuel my SOUL ???????????? | #sunday #soul #soulstyle #soulcycle #refill #refuel #renew #rossriders

A photo posted by rossramone (@rossramone) on

Do you have any advice for purchasing articles of clothing for others? Sometimes buying trendy accessories or guessing a shoe size can be daunting.
Think in terms of items that can be layered, rather than pieces that have to fit very specifically. Hoodies, jackets and other items that can be layered are perfect to give!

Should we err on the side of trendy or versatile?
The tricky thing about trends is understanding which ones work for you, or the person you’re shopping for. Personally, I like to be a little bit experimental, but I also fill my closet with classic pieces. So you just need to keep the person you’re shopping for in mind. I always think it’s fun to buy something for someone that they might not necessarily buy for themselves. In that way, you can sort of nudge your guy towards making a brave choice, sartorially speaking.

Is there any SOUL gear that’s caught your eye recently?
Ever since we introduced the men’s line in October, the gear has been really fantastic — you can’t go wrong with gifting a guy some SOUL swag. I personally have loved when SOUL did a camo half-zip hoodie — camo is basically a neutral in my book. I also wear a bandana every time I teach, so there’s definitely that. And I obviously think the onesie is awesome.

You and the rest of the world!
When it first came out, I put it on reluctantly, and then I was like, Oh I guess I’m getting the onesie.

Do you have any final advice for gifting to the guys in our life?
Overall, just personalize it. Not everything is going to work for everybody, so the more personal and specific you can be in terms of what your guys will like or be willing to wear, the better. I get excited to give gifts because I genuinely enjoy shopping for people that I love and giving them things that they will love but that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. So just be thoughtful, and have fun with it!

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Article by Ross Ramone
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