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11 Post-Workout Haircare Tips

etween high winds, cold temps and sweating as we rock out in the studio, our strands can take a beating. Below, 11 Instructors share their tips that keep their hair healthy and strong on and off the bike…

My post-SOUL hair routine is "how many more days can I get away with not washing my hair yet still be accepted by society as one of their own." At this point, it's a real possibility my hair is 90 percent dry shampoo.

I try not to blow dry too much! So I always put a dab of ORIBE super shine on the ends, do a quick braid while it air dries and put on my soul beanie!

I don't wash my hair after every class, but I rinse, and condition. I'm not opposed to the good ol’ SoulCycle grapefruit conditioner.

I'm not a big fan of dry shampoo, so to restyle my hair, I brush it out and run a hair moisturizer from Lush called R&B. It not only smells delicious, it's a heavy moisturizer to keep your hair from drying out!

My hair routine usually consists of spritzing my roots with Drybar Detox dry shampoo, then brushing it through with a Wet Brush (that’s just the name - it’s also great on not-wet hair) which is best for detangling without breakage. I'll then add volume with Drybar Triple Sec spray and voila, we're back in business.

As far as my hair goes, after it is washed and shampooed, I run a brush through it and call it a day.

I wear my hair down when I teach so it can get a little tangled by the end of class. I run a comb through it and twist it into a bun to smooth it out if I am running to teach another class. If I am washing my hair after class, I LOVE Shu Uemura’s Moisture Velvet Nourishing Shampoo and Moisture Velvet Nourishing Conditioner. These products are awesome, especially if you have Keratin and/or color on your hair like I do!

My post-workout hair routine is really simple - I rinse my hair with water, run conditioner through my curls and let them air dry!

I learned quickly to not be afraid of sweat and embrace it -- especially while working this job!!! I don't always have time to wash my hair and blow it dry. I usually do one of three things. While it's still wet from instructing and working out I add a little conditioner, part it down the center and put my hair into twists while I shower/get ready and let it air dry. I get beach wavy hair! When I do have time to shower, I have a hair mask and comb that I bring with me. The first thing I do is soak my hair in the mask/conditioner and comb through all the knots, letting it set in and leaving it so it's the last thing to wash out. Afterwards, I put Argan oil or some sort of serum in my hair when finished and let it air dry, doing the same twists I do when it's "sweat hair." The last thing I do If I can't do any of those is just tie up in a high bun and go about my day!

When it comes to hair, I only wash it once a day when I'm done teaching all my classes, and throughout the day I use Detox Dry Shampoo from Drybar.

If it's between classes and I don't have time to wash my hair I use both:
• Drybar Triple Sec
• Rock Your Hair dry shampoo

When I get to wash and style my hair - usually after all three classes I use:
• Philosophy Amazing Grace shampoo and conditioner (it smells so good)
• Ignite 7 Seconds leave-in conditioner (to detangle my hair)
• Phyto thickening spray on my roots

If I'm leaving my hair curly, I spray in some Bumble and Bumble salt beach spray, and if I'm going on a special date with my boyfriend, I'll let the professionals handle it at Drybar.

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