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What's In James Lewis's Bag

kin cream, cash, a crystal… they’re all stashed inside the backpack of instructor JAMES LEWIS. He shared the contents of the carryall he totes from Back Bay to Beacon Hill to Chestnut Hill…

This is a quilted Moncler backpack that I got online. I wanted to get a backpack that’s waterproof because it rains so much in Boston. I feel like a carry A LOT of stuff.

I have a bunch of workout clothes in here — almost too many. Have you ever seen Halloweentown? I also have a headband and a beanie.

I have oil called Daily Reviving Concentrate from Kiehl’s for moisturizing your face in the daytime. It helps protects your face from acne, which I’m prone to. Then I have some Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm moisturizer, some Chapstick, a hair brush and this Kiehl’s Age Defender cream to protect against wrinkles because I want to stay young… is it too early?

I never carry snacks because I will leave them in there… and I rarely clean out my bag. I left a banana in there once and I learned my lesson.

I have some cologne because you’ve got to smell good. I really pride myself on smelling nice — the studio team knows! I will not go in that room unless I have spritzed on some cologne, and Bleu de Chanel is the best smell ever for a man. I was in Nordstrom and this saleswoman was like, “Come over here.” She sprayed it on my and I bought it immediately.

I have a Kindle because I like to read when I’m waiting in line. I read eight books at a time — I like a lot of self help books. The last one I finished was The Secret. Then I have a check book and my wallet, of course.

I also carry my computer case and my computer, which is probably the most important thing in here. Wait, no, I lied: This rock is the most important thing in here: It’s a jet crustal and it absorbs all the negative energy in the city. So when I’m walking, whoever gives me a dirty look, that energy is absorbed in here and it is transmuted into positivity. I can’t go anywhere without it, actually!

Catch classes with JAMES at Back Bay, Beacon Hill and Chestnut Hill. Want to ride? Click HERE to grab a series then book a bike!

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