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Rapid-Fire Questions with Joe Royal

ustin instructor JOE ROYAL opens up about his dream travel destination, his current healthy obsession and more...

What’s your sign?

Which sound instantly puts you in a good mood?
Laughing… it’s contagious.

What’s your favorite thing you eat after class?

A Juice Land smoothie (Large Moontower EXTRA Peanut Butter)

If you have a free hour, you…
Eat in bed. (It’s my favorite thing.)

The thing that most surprises people about you is…
That I'm obsessed with hip hop jams.

Book you can read over and over?
Any issue of Vogue.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Sprinkles cupcakes! I could eat a whole dozen #noregrets

Where have you always wanted to travel?
Lately… Japan or South Korea.

Who have you always wanted to meet?
Adele! I have this dream of her and I going to the Cheesecake Factory… It would be magical!

If you weren’t a SoulCycle instructor, what would you be doing?
I would be somewhere in the graphic design world or still acting

Your current healthy obsession is…
Athletic Outcomes! It’s essentially like Crossfit, but more hands-on and a calmer pace. The workout feels great on the body and pairs well with SOUL.

Your spirit animal is…
A pug dog! They love love and food… they’re perfect!

Catch classes with JOE at Downtown Austin and Domain Northside. Want to ride? Grab a series HERE and book a bike.

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