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The Drive That Changed Nicole's Life

fter struggling with healthy eating for years, Washington, D.C. instructor NICOLE TURCHI found her SOUL when she needed it most.

Rewind to December 2014. I was a week away from graduating from the University of Maryland. I had no plan at all and I was starting to get nervous about my future. Driving home one day, I noticed a SoulCycle was about to open in Bethesda and the studio was looking for front desk staff. I had no idea what SoulCycle was, but I could tell that there was something magical about this. I rushed back home and sent in my application. A few days later, I got a job offer and I was thrilled to say yes.

I’ve struggled with emotional eating since high school. Many nights in college, I would binge on food at the end of the day and then feel incredibly guilty. I would rush to the gym and get on an elliptical until I felt I’d burned off everything I’d eaten. As this vicious cycle ran me into the ground, I grew very depressed. I had been seeing a therapist, but I was hungry for a different kind of healing.

Fast forward to my first SoulCycle class. When I walked into the dark candlelit room, I knew that I found what I was looking for. MICHELLE coached us to trust our bodies, trust our feelings, and connect with the beat of the music. There was no talk of calories and absolutely no talk of body shame. I felt safe and empowered. I knew that this was the place where my mind and body could heal.

As I began to ride regularly, I noticed a huge shift in my mindset. I was now working out to feel good about myself, rather than punish myself. This is when I realized that my dream was to be an instructor, so I could share what I had learned with our community. I am so grateful that SOUL came into my life when I needed it most. After four instructor auditions and years of dedication, I get to lead the pack in D.C., the place where this whole journey started. It is such a gift every time I step up on the podium.

Feeling inspired to ride? You can catch classes with NICOLE at Georgetown and 14th Street. Purchase a series HERE.

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